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PPE Cupboards

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  1. PPE Storage Cupboards - 3 Shelves - Open

    2 point locking system
    • Germ Guard Active Technology
      • from £272.65

  2. Armour Clothing Cupboards - Green

    Manufactured in the UK
    • Certified to EN13501-1
      • from £597.58

  3. Extra Shelves for Armour Clothing Cupboards

    Made using steel for strength
    • Grey Powder Coated Finish
      • from £31.00

  4. Armour Utility Cupboards - Red

    Manufactured in the UK
    • 6 Colour Options Available
      • from £500.88

  5. Extra Shelves for Armour Utility Cupboards

    Maximize on storage space
    • Grey Powder Coated Finish
      • from £28.52

  6. Armour PPE Storage Cupboards - 900mm Wide

    Manufactured in the UK
    • Shelf Capacity: 70kg
      • from £272.65

  7. Armour PPE Clothing Cupboards - 4 Shelves

    Solid Steel Construction
    • Manufactured in the UK
      • from £521.13

  8. Probe Wardrobe Cupboards - Silver Body & Blue Doors

    BlueGreenLight GreyRedYellowWhite
    Manufactured in the UK
    • Shelf Capacity: 65kg
      • from £283.12

  9. Probe Janitor Cupboards - White

    BlueGreenLight GreyRedYellowWhite
    Manufactured in the UK
    • 3 Shelves Inlcuded
      • from £333.27

  10. rmour PPE Clothing Cupboards - 1 Shelf

    Manufactured in the UK
    • Certified to EN 13501-1
      • from £441.88

  11. Armour PPE Storage Cupboards - Open

    Manufactured in the UK
    • Shelf Capacity: 70kg
      • from £632.62

  12. Probe Slim Wardrobe Cupboard - Silver Body - Blue Door

    Full width hanging rail
    • 7 Door Colours to pick from
      • from £257.88

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PPE Cupboards

At Shelving Direct2U we recognize the importance of safety. That is why we have put together this selection of PPE cabinets. All our PPE cupboards create a suitable space for storing protective equipment. PPE cupboards, cabinets and lockers also help encourage respect for work kit and uniforms. As well as promoting proper care of personal protective gear. Which is vital. As this is what prevents individuals from harming themselves and others around them.

What are PPE Cupboards?

PPE cupboards or cabinets are for protection so durable materials make these up. Usually benefiting from lockable doors, garment hanging rails and shelves. Which in turn create practical space for the safe storage of protective equipment. Perfect for use in factories, workshops and warehouses. Commonly finished with a high quality anti-bacterial powder coating. Which gives a clean and professional style. Great for ppe equipment and clothing.

Armour PPE Storage Cabinets

Our Armour cupboards come in a range of different options. With different choices of shelves and rails to suit all environments and needs. They provide a safe space for all protective equipment to store away safe.
The robust steel construction and strengthened doors add extra durability to the cupboard. Whilst the 'no snag' 2- point locking system ensure extra security. The cabinets are UK manufactured with a durable powder coated finish. This is a Germ Guard Active Technology to suit the environments these cupboards are in. Our Armour Cabinets are also fire guard tested and certified to EN 13501-1.

The storage cabinets come in a powder coated light grey carcass and painted blue doors. They whole range follows this colour scheme. So the cabinets are easy to recognise for their intended use. They also come with a 'Personal Protection Equipment' label on each reinforced door. So the cupboards aren't missed or used incorrect.

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