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Vision Door Cupboards

Our collection of vision door cupboards offer both style and value. Benefiting from an array of features, which will be useful for various end users. This is because their unique design allows for the safe storage of items. While maintaining vision of the cupboards stored contents. These are particularly useful for directors, managers or supervisors. Especially in high risk or high value item environments.

Armour Vision Door Cabinets

We have a range of Armour vision door window cupboards in many sizes to fit into all environments. They provide high visibility along with security. The Perspex doors allow visibility of the contents within the cupboard. Whilst still remaining locked and secure. These are ideal for high security workplaces and come in a range of colours to fit into these areas. The tough powder coated finish enhances the durability of the cupboard. As well as the reinforced strengthened doors. Plus 'no snag' handles and locking system.

Panel Storage Cupboards

The vision panel cupboards are a high quality option we offer. With a durable welded construction finish. Perfect for a wide range of applications. The strong welded construction is using 20SWG steel to provide a durable cupboard. This cupboard comes with adjustable shelves that can hold up to 35kg UDL.

The polycarbonate Perspex cupboard doors panels are great for maintaining visibility. Whilst the leverlock handles with 2 rods locking top and bottom. Provide the extra security required when using this type of cupboard. The Perspex window cupboards come in 4 different sizes with a tall, medium and short option. Thus to cater to all working environments. The 5 colour options we have available help these cupboards either fit in with the rest of the décor in a selected area. Or to add a dash of colour to brighten a room up.

If you need any more information about our vision cupboards please get in touch! We are available via live chat, email or call.