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BS EN840 Standard (amended 2012)

The EN840 standard was introduced to create a basic standard for the regulation of the design of mobile waste containers. It is important when purchasing wheelie bins for your household or work premises that you ensure they are accredited to this European Standard. Many UK local councils set their own regulations that state they will not collect wheelie bins that do not meet this standard. 

All wheelie bins from Wheelie Bins Direct2U have been vigorously tested and accredited to EN840. In order to receive this certification, mobile waste containers must face vigorous testing and also meet a number of key requirements. 

BS EN840 Standard Wheelie Bin

EN840 affects the complete design of wheelie bins including:

  • The positioning and shape of the handles
  • The type and positioning of the wheels
  • The fitting of the direction blocks which assist the steering of the wheels
  • The type and positioning of breaks (if applicable) 
  • The type and positioning of the lid

The design of the wheelie bins should also aim to minimise the pushing and pulling forces required to move them. This can be achieved through the use of correct wheels and suitable built in handles. The wheels used for the bins are expected to withstand at least one third of the maximum weight capacity of the bin.  It is also recommended that two and four wheeled bins should have integrated handles which provide workers with a safe, two handed grip when manoeuvring the bin. Finally, the design of the bin should remove all possibility of sharp edges. Instead, the bins are preferred with a curved edge design which is safer to handle. 

For further information on the importance of the BS EN840 Standard please click here.


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Wheelie Bins EN840

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