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Why get your own Tipping Skip?

Waste management and material handling are essential aspects of Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transport and Recycling industries. Skips are heavy duty containers designed for use with forklift trucks. A tipping skip is the best way to effortlessly transfer materials to larger containers. This is true if you collect waste such as general refuse, wood, metal, gravel, cement, plastic and bulky materials on a daily basis.

While most companies hire skips temporarily at a long-term lease, the costs accumulate over time and can be more expensive than purchasing the skip itself! If you know for certain that you will be using a Tipping Skip continuously for at least a year, it’s worth investing in your own skip. They are highly versatile and can help the efficiency of your internal and external material collection process!

Most Skips are built with fork sleeves, allowing for quick operation with a forklift. With a choice of Manual or Automatic Tipping Mechanisms, you could easily transport and empty materials or waste with a tilting motion. For additional safety, ensure the operator can pull Manual Handles with a cable, or choose a skip with an Automatic release point. This means forklift drivers can remain seated while emptying the skip, which helps reduce accidents. All our skips are CE Marked, so you can be confident in the quality and safety of our products!

Tipping Skips come in so many shapes, sizes and configurations. Most skips are made to order, which means you can specify your exact requirements and receive a product tailored to your needs. We also offer a wide range of accessories online, such as castors, protective lids and height increases.

Most of our skips are manufactured in bright colours, with stencils available. This enables for efficient material recycling and waste separation. Most skips offer a galvanised finish option, which prevents rusting when being stored outside or in damp areas.

Choose by Skip Capacity

Our skips come in a range of standard industry sizes and capacities. For more information, please refer to the Specification Tab on our product pages.

Skip Volume Capacity

Tipping Skip Volume Capacity

Review the amount of bulky materials you collect daily, and how much space it occupies. This will give you a good idea of the skip capacity you require. Please note that bulkier items might not weight as much but will occupy more space!

For your reference:

1000 Litres (L) = 1 Cubic Metre (m³) = 1.31 Cubic Yards (yd³)

Skip Load Capacity

Tipping Skip Load Capacity

The safe working load is the maximum safe force skips can support. Please use the correct forklift to ensure that the total weight of the skip including the load does not exceed half of the forklift’s rating. Our skips can take up to 3 tonnes!

For your reference:

1000 Kilograms (kg) = 1 Metric Ton (t) = 0.984 Long Ton

Skip Dimensions

Tipping Skip Dimensions

Depending on the type of material you will be handling, we offer skips ranging from 400mm to 3000mm in Height, Width or Depth. Please check the fork sleeve dimensions to ensure they are compatible with your lifting equipment.

For your reference:

1 Metre (m) = 1.09 Yards (yd) = 3.28 Feet (ft)

Choose by Tipping Mechanism

There are three types of operation we currently offer in our range: Manual, Automatic and Static. Select the right skips depending on the equipment you have at hand.

Manual Handle Operation

View Manual Tipping Skips

Skips with a manual operation feature a handle that activates the tipping mechanism. The handle can be pulled by hand or with a rod. For safety, we recommend attaching a cable (supplied) to the handle and activating the handle from the driver seat.

Automatic Release Operation

View Automatic Tipping Skips

Skips with automatic operation feature release points that activate the tipping mechanism when triggered. Most automatic skips, also called self-tipping skips, only require the forklift operator to apply pressure on the release points, usually found at the base of the skip!

Static Waste Skips

View Static Skips

Static skips do not feature a tilting mechanism but rely on the operating vehicle to perform the tipping motion. We recommend using these with a telehandler, which offers more control over the tipping speed and angle. These skips usually have fork locking for safety.

Choose by Delivery Time

Do you need a tipping skip as soon as possible? Or are you looking at options for a future project? We offer skips for delivery on the next working day, with standard 2 weeks delivery or on a made to order basis!

Next Day Delivery

View TUFF Self-Tipping Skips

We understand that you might require a tipping skip We stock our best-selling TUFF Self-Tipping Skips at our warehouse in the West Midlands, ensuring they can reach you on the next working day. Live Chat with us today to check the availability of our quick ship tipping skips!

5 to 10 Day Delivery

View TUFF Premium Tipping Skips

Most skips are manufactured, stocked in parts, and later assembled, ensuring you get the right product within 2 weeks of placing your order. Our TUFF Premium Tipping Skips are UK Manufactured and can reach you within 7 working days. Contact us for more information on stocked items!

Made to Order

Made to Order Tipping Skips

Our specialised range of tipping skips are manufactured after your order is place. This is to ensure you receive the best product for your requirement. If you require optional extras and customised solutions, please get in touch today for a No Obligation Quote!

Choose by Special Features

Our range is specialised to include tipping skips with specific features that are in high demand. Please refer to our product pages for a complete list of features.

Ground Level Skips

View Ground Level Skips

Some of our skips do not feature fork sleeves and are only meant to be operated at ground level. These smaller skips are used to collect materials and waste in work areas and can fit under workbenches. They can later be emptied into larger skips or containers. They are mobile on castors for ease of collection and transport.

Low Height Tipping Skips

View Low Height Skips

Skips with low structural height simplify the collection and emptying processes. Having an overall lower height makes them more accessible to employees. A lower structure also allows for an ideal dumping angle. This ensures you empty the entire skip in a single stroke, improving efficiency in the workplace!

Automatic Fork Locking

View Automatic Fork Lock Skips

While most skips are supplied with a chain set to help secure the container to the forklift, we highly recommend skips with automatic fork locking. The lock secures the skip to the forklift automatically when lifted off the ground, so the operator doesn’t need to leave the driver’s seat. The skip is automatically released when set on the ground.