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Tipping skips are the perfect waste management solution, providing an effective means for transporting and disposing of waste, recyclables, swarf and materials. They are essential for production areas, storage areas, construction, agriculture and waste management. Our range of forklift attachments offers many different styles, some of which we've mentioned below, and are available with many load capacities to suit all applications and requirements.

If you have forklifts on site then a tipping container is your ideal waste disposal solution. These skips can be transported and emptied very quickly with minimum effort required. Some of our skips can also be purchased with castor wheel sets which allow independent movement.

All of our Tipping Skips are CE marked, so that you can be confident in safety of the product.

Types of Forklift Tipping Skips

Manual Skips Manual Tipping Skips

These skips have a lever that discharges the skip when pulled. Manual skips are more suited for light waste management jobs and for environments that don't require work at height. A cable-operated manual skip is optional, so that the driver doesn't have to exit the vehicle for safety.

Automatic Tipping Skips Automatic Tipping Skips

Cable operated Skips from the driver's seat. They can be operated from any height and from almost any vehicle. They are suitable to use with a crane, lever trolley, pallet truck and bale gripper. An optional dumping brake helps the operator to control the tilting process, but can also help to reduce noise.

Self Tipping Skips Self-Tipping Skips

By simply tilting the fork blades downwards, the skip tilts over its centre point and the mechanism is started, gravity then takes over causing the skip to tilt forwards and its contents to be emptied. It is a controlled and safe movement which can be done without the operator leaving the safety of the driver's seat.

Roll-forward Skips Roll Forward Skips

Roll-forward skips are a popular option for easy manoeuvring. Tiny teeth attached to two wheels allow the skip to safely roll forward and back in a smooth manner. This can be done manually or automatically. Choose between Universal or Heavy Duty Roll Forward for a higher capacity.

Mini Skips Mini Skips

Mini skips are perfect for work environments where floor space is a premium. They are specifically designed for warehouses where space is limited and waste management is a priority. They can be quickly transported to be emptied in larger skips or designated zones whenever necessary.

Accessories for Tipping Skips

Castors Skip Castors

Light or heavy duty Castors enable wheeling the tipping container around.

Mesh Cage Skip Mesh Cage

Suitable for skips carrying packaging materials such as paper or cardboard. 

Traverse Forklift Attachment Traverse Forklift Attachment

For stacking skips that need to be lifted and carried.

Galvanised Lid Skip Galvanised Lid

Lids can be useful when the contents of the skip are not emptied regularly.

Tipping Skips with next day delivery

Check out our TUFF Self-Tipping Skips which are now available with Free 5 Day Delivery as standard. But don't worry if you need your waste management solution quicker. Just add the code NEXTDAY40 into your basket for Next Day Delivery to UK Mainland!

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If you can't find what you're looking for or need any further help and advice on choosing which skip is right for you, then please feel free to contact our Sales Team. You can start a Live Chat or call us on 01922 715 130.