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Indoor bins for your kitchen or office

Wide range of indoor bins designed for use in the kitchen, office or at home. Browse the latest domestic and commercial waste bins by big brands such as Rubbermaid and Brabantia. We have hand-picked these bins for their quality, capacities, and prices, to offer a wide choice.

pedal-operated bins

Pedal bins are the most cost-effective indoor waste solution that combines hygiene and practicality. These bins offer a hands-free waste disposal system that can be activated through a pedal mechanism. This prevents the spread of bacteria from person to person and makes emptying and cleaning a simple affair. Our pedal bins range from 3 to 90 litre capacities, and come in metal or plastic.

push lid bins

Push bins allow for larger capacities while containing smells, making them ideal for use in kitchens and offices. Capacities in this range go from 25 to 60 litre. Most of the bins in this range sport a distinguishable ‘PUSH’ on the lid. Choose between easy maintenance plastic, shiny and heavy-duty steel, or hygienic stainless steel.

swing lid bins

Swing bins have a looser lid that will not trap fingers or cause waste to fly off. This is preferable in public areas or in schools, where accidents are bound to happen. Choose between plastic or metal swing bins. These range from 4 to 75 litre, in rectangular, oval or circular shapes.

touch top bins & sensor bins

Our touch top bins and sensor bins are state-of-the-art waste disposal solutions that combine hygiene with convenience. Touch top bins will open at the slight touch, staying open until pushed back. This is ideal for offices and commercial applications. Sensor bins are battery-operated and provide hands-free waste disposal, which is the best for areas that require high levels of hygiene.

waste baskets

Waste baskets are the non-fuss answer to waste disposal. Popular in offices, schools and at home, wastebaskets are the easiest to maintain and to monitor. Choose from our colourful range of recycling wastebaskets available in capacities ranging from 6 to 39 litres. We also offer fire resistant waste bins made of fibreglass, for reducing the risks of indoor fires.

bins for separating waste

Waste separation bins are the solution for recycling in rooms with limited space. These bins provide several compartments for segregating waste and recyclables in a single bin unit. Great for kitchens and canteen areas. Ranging from 30 to 120 litres, this range features budget bins as well as premium options for reception areas.

decorative open bins

Open top bins provide lid-free access to the bin, which is popular in public and busy areas. This prevents contamination and fast disposal of waste. Our range is fit for reception areas with requirements from 13 to 120 litre. The whole range comes in powder-coated and stainless steel for maximum hygiene.

slim line bins

Our popular slim bins were chosen to fit any narrow space. Bins in this range do not exceed 400mm in width. This makes them ideal for cramped kitchens, small offices and areas that require discreet waste disposal. Choose between plastic bins and metal bins, ranging from 30 to 90 litre.

If you can’t find what you need, Live Chat with us and we’ll help you find the right bin for the job! For large projects or quantity breaks, drop us a message for the best prices.