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Our Wheelie Bin Storage Range

Wheelie Bin storage units is an amazing solution for council waste bins, which can often look untidy. Bin sheds are a great alternative to hide the eyesore, preventing them from being the vocal point in your garden. A well-made, high quality wheelie bin shed solution solves the problem, keeping them out of sight whilst pleasing the eye.

wheelie bin storage

Why choose wheelie bin storage?

Whilst being extremely practical storage solutions, especially for large families with recycling, wheelie bin storage units also has other benefits. Such as, hiding the mostly unsightly bright coloured council bins, keeping them out of mind until collection day..

Aesthetically pleasing

Ideal storage solution for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing cover for council waste bins, whilst maintaining quick and easy access. They are a great investment for those wanting to tidy their garden or driveway space. In addition, they declutter your outdoor space and maintain their smart appearance for years to come, as its made from high quality wooden timber, which can also be painted to suit your outdoor environment. In addition, our outdoor bin storage is ideal for log stores all year round.

aesthetic wheelie bin storage
wheelie bin storage wildlife

Keeping wildlife at bay

Garden storage boxes provides a deterrent against local wildlife, such as foxes, cats etc, which would be most effective in rural areas. Preventing the litter all over your garden if you have experienced rodents and works especially well as garden bin storage.

Weather Resistance

During those windy winter months, wheelie bins can often fall over, causing littering on your property. Bin sheds solve this, by withstanding gale-force winds, so they stay where you want them, keeping your rubbish your business.

wheelie bin storage benefits
wheelie bin storage environmental

Are bin sheds environmentally friendly?

We manufacture our bins to the highest quality using hand-made wooden timber, which is an eco-friendly alternative for plastic wheelie bin stores. Likewise, improving recycling efforts with ourRecycling Box Stores. In addition, preventing littering in the streets or around the garden, making them an obvious choice, with our 10 year anti-rot guarantee making them a durable alternative.

Prevent unauthorised access

In areas with longer council collection dates, fly tipping is quite common. Therefore, many choose to have a bin storages shed to prevent overflowing of bins, which can attract rodents. Moreover, you can padlock which will prevent unauthorised access to keep it out the way until collection day comes round.

wheelie bin storage prevent access
wheelie bin storage maintenance

Do I need to maintain wheelie bin wooden storage?

Our wheelie bin storage solutions are pressure treated timber to improve the longevity, to prevent rotting. This means the timber has undergone treatment under pressure by a chemical with Tanalith E. This doesn't mean the storage is maintenance-free and may require regular coats of wood stain or paint colour maintenance.

Is there 3 wheelie bin storage?

Both practical and stylish, we offer a full range of singular , Double bin store, Triple wheelie bin storage to maximise your storage solutions, decluttering your outdoor environment. Our best-selling triple bin store provides maximum storage solutions for recycling and general waste.

three wheelie bin storage
what bin size for wheelie bin storage

What size wheelie bin storage units do i need?

The most standard bin size in the UK is a 240L wheelie bin, which is the common size for most councils. This measures 57.5cm (Width) x 107cm (height) x 73cm (depth). This may vary from council to council, but fortunately we cater for a variety of different standard bin sizes at Direct 2 U, including triple bin shed. Wheelie bin storage size guide that we offer include:

  • 140 Litre
  • 180 Litre
  • 240 Litre
  • 360 Litre

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Does Wheelie bin storage need a base?

We recommend all storage to be built on a level, which can anchor to a solid base. If you were to build straight on the ground, the building may be more susceptible to rot and decay, impacting the lifespan of the product. Moreover, if the base is not level, this could affect the structure and cause pulls at the corners. This may cause structural problems, such as stopping the doors from opening, or the product performing as well. All our wheelie bins are free standing units, but you can anchor these units to the floor.

For more information on our outdoor storage range simply message on live chat for advice. At Direct2U we offer Free UK Mainland delivery and aim to have your order with you as quickly as possible!

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