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The Benefit of ESD Workbenches

ESD workbenches, otherwise known as anti-static workbenches, are suitable for work involving electrical components as well as other industrial applications. These workbenches are particularly popular in the electronics industry, as repair work benches and for assembly lines. The main benefit to an ESD workbench is that they help to prevent ESD events from occurring.

ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. ESD events can cause latent defects in electrical components causing them to malfunction at any time. Therefore, it is important to protect these sensitive electrical components during manufacturing. Interestingly, a technician walking to and from their workbench can create enough static electricity to cause an ESD event and its damage.

A grounded work area, or Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area (EPA), is a straight forward and effective way to prevent this occurrence. An EPA could be the size of a whole work site, a factory or a single workbench.

Square Tube vs Cantilever

Square Tube ESD Workbenches vs Cantilever ESD Workbenches

There are two different versions of ESD workbenches available: Square Tube and Cantilever.

The Square Tube industrial ESD workbench is so named as it is made using box section steel. The square leg frames and support channels give this bench the rigidity it requires. The support channels also prevent the bench from what we call ‘parallelograming’ (sideways movement in the legs).

The Cantilever style is more desirable if your workers are seated throughout the day or move along the bench. The cantilever ESD workbench has two square tube support legs at the rear of the workbench which meet a longer foot that runs parallel to the worktop. The design frees up space underneath the bench granting the user much more leg room than compared to the standard Square Tube bench.

Both types of workbenches are manufactured in the same factory in the West Midlands, UK. They are made from the same quality steel and both have a durable powder coated finish in light grey to complete the process. The decision between square tube or cantilever is simply a personal preference and what your employees like.

Which worktop? Lamstat vs Neostat

Both the Square Tube and the Cantilever workbenches are available with a choice of static dissipative worktop: Lamstat or Neostat. Which will then transform them to ESD Workbenches. 

Lamstat is a plastic laminate static dissipative surface with a restistance of 106 – 108 ohms. It’s an ideal work surface for working with heat, for instance soldering, and chemicals.

Neostat is a rubber dual-layer surface with a resistance of 105 – 107 ohms. The top layer is dissipative, whilst the bottom layer is conductive. This creates the safe path to ground.

When deciding which worktop is most suitable for your line of worktop the main things to consider is the ohmage you require and what tools and parts you will be using to conduct the work. For instance, the Lamstat is our recommendation if you are soldering or using chemicals. However, the Neostat has a synthetic rubber surface which will help prevent small parts moving on the work surface giving you more control and accuracy.

Create your ideal ESD Workstation

With the best collection of anti static accessories available here you can create your ideal ESD Workstation. Accessories such as our Earth/Ground Leads are essential items for user safety. The leads will prevent ESD events by creating a safe path to the floor. Whereas the RCD Circuit Breakers will prevent serious harm caused by ongoing electrical shocks. We recommend reading on our ESD Workbench accessories when purchasing! Lastly, our ESD Extension Benches are a great way to add an additional safe work surface. As well as this, the extension benches can also include cupboard and drawers for extra storage.

Got a large project? Let’s work together…

If you require some more information or would just like to know our recommendation, then we are always on hand to help. However, if you have a large order we have a range of additional services that may be of interest to you.

Firstly, if you are ordering 4+ ESD workbenches and / or accessories we offer very competitive price breaks (which will help you save pounds, perfect if you have a tight budget to stick to). It’s easy to find out more. Either live chat with us or give us a call on 01922 715 130. Our team will be there to assist and provide a no obligation free quote.

Furthermore, if you are planning a large workshop or production line we offer a free site survey. One of our experienced team will pop along at a time to suit you, to help you plan your areas and advise on products that may benefit you. We offer drawings and a CAD service if you require this.

And finally, we offer an installation service for an appropriate additional charge. The installation service takes the worry of delivery and putting everything into place away. Our installation team will deliver the goods and then install them to your requirements. Once the installation is complete your workshop will be up and running seamlessly.

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