Heavy Duty Workbenches

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If you require a workbench for repetitive industrial applications then it will be worth considering a heavy duty option. Whilst slightly more expensive than their budget or standard counterparts; heavy duty workbenches are designed and manufactured to withstand larger load bearings and more strenuous tasks. If it is durability, reliability and strength you are looking for; then a heavy duty workbench is the best option to pursue.

If a standard workbench is used for inappropriate tasks there is a likelihood that the workbench will buckle under the weight of the work piece or tools being used. This could cause serious harm to the user and costly damage to the work piece or tools. Always pay careful attention to the maximum load capacity of the workbench you are using and never exceed it.


Whenever we mention the load capacity of a workbench we also mention ‘UDL’. We often get customer’s asking what is UDL? This stands for Uniformly Distributed Load – which refers to the weight rating of a piece of furniture. The UDL is calculated during the design and manufacturing process and is directly related to the gauge of steel, thickness of worktop and dimensions. A UDL outlines the maximum weight a workbench can take, when the weight load is evenly distributed across the worktop. If the weight is applied directly in one spot then this will compromise the maximum load capacity and is likely to weaken or damage the workbench.


Firstly, you need to think about what you need the workbench for? What tasks will be carried out on the workbench and what type of tasks they are? If you know the weight of tools or parts which will be used on the workbench make a note of these too as this can help you decide what load capacity you need for the workbench.

A workbench is an investment for a business however big or small. Therefore, it’s important to get the right workbench for your applications to avoid more costs in the future. If at any point you are unsure the bench you’re interested in is up to the job please get in touch via Live Chat or call our workbench specialists.

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