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Heavy Duty Workbenches

Heavy Duty Workbenches
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We manufacture and supply several of our heavy duty workbenches at our 110,000 square ft UK facility. Our wide range features a choice of heavy duty benches, all made with repetitive use in mind. With strength and durability provided, these workbenches are reliable long term investments. With so many options to choose from, we thought we'd describe some key features below. But first, let us explain some terminology! 

What is UDL?

Whenever we mention the load capacity of a workbench we also mention ‘UDL’. We often get customer’s asking what is UDL? It stands for Uniformly Distributed Load. This refers to the weight rating of a piece of furniture. So, for workbenches, the UDL outlines the total weight a bench can take when weight's spread evenly. As this is relates to the bench's design, we calculate the UDL during the design process. Details such as the gauge of steel, worktop thickness and size will all influence the UDL.

Key Heavy Duty Workbench Features

We have a great choice of heavy duty workbenches to choose from. Each with unique features suitable for different requirements. The purpose and workbench environment will determine what bench is right for you. To help you choose, we'll list some key features below:


Choosing a worktop is an important decision. In our collection we have Laminate, Beech, Linoleum and Steel worktops. Each work surface has different qualities for different application.

Beech - We view Beech worktops as the most ideal for heavier duty options. They have a high resistance to damage from sharp tools and high impact applications. Making it great for Tool Work, DIY Workers and Woodworkers. If Beech is an option then take a look at our Heavy Duty Industrial Workbenches (HDI). which are available with 27mm Beech worktop. The powder coated grey framework on the HDI Benches compliments the Beech appearance.

Laminate - Our most popular worktop is Laminate. We offer this across some of our core lines such as TUFF Heavy Duty Workbenches and Euroslide Heavy Duty. Our worktops are 20mm thick and provide a durable worktop for general application. What's great about laminate is that the material is easy to clean. Meaning that the worktop has high resistance to oil or grease.

Steel - Like Laminate, Steel has high resistance to substances such as grease and is easy to clean. It's also a very tough and durable option, not likely to crack. Popular in mechanical and industrial environments - you can choose Steel on our HDI range. As well as our Heavy Duty Steel Workbenches, which feature stainless steel cupboards.

UDL Capacity

Of course the UDL Capacity is a significant feature! As we described earlier^, this will determine the amount of weight your workbench can take. Our heavy duty range starts from 250kg all the way up to a huge 1500kg capacity. We encourage customers to consider the weight of their working items in advance. But, if you need some advice on this please contact our team!


Our last significant feature to discuss is accessories! The accessory options will differ with each workbench. But, our best sellers will all feature the same ergonomic accessory options

Options include above bench items such as lighting, shelving and service ducts. Combi Panels are one of our most popular picks above bench as they can store small parts and components. A lot of our customers also opt for retaining lips. The retaining lips provide a protection around the bench to prevent items falling. With heavy duty items, this safety feature is often recommended.

Below Bench accessories relate to our choice of features below your workbench worktop. On most of our ranges this is where you'll find a choice of storage options. Including drawer and cupboard units, as well as lower shelving.

What Heavy Duty Workbench is right for you?

Our workbench specialists can help with that! You can pop up to us on Live Chat, email us at or call us on 01922 715 130. Our team will be happy to help find a workbench solution for you. As well as provide you with large order discounts, free site surveys and bespoke options.