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Different types of Height Adjustable Workbenches

Height adjustable workbenches relate to our benches that can raise higher and lower than one position. This provides operators with more flexibility whilst they work. Making them ideal for demanding assembly work and production lines. Height adjustable workbenches also allow users to sit or stand to a position they're comfortable in. This improves ergonomics. Whilst adaptable for a variety of tasks, they are also ideal for companies with multiple operators. As well as for shift work.

At Workbenches Direct2U we offer a great height adjustable workbenches range. Including different ways in which the benches adjust. Please continue to read to below for more information.

Allen Key Adjustment

Adjusted in height via an Allen key. This is a cost effective option which allows each bench to be set correctly for the height of the user. Both of our Binary and Treston ranges included these type of height adjustments. These workbenches are not ideal for altering the height quickly or in-between tasks. For such uses - a manual hand crank or electric motor would be more appropriate. For more detail, please continue to read below.

Manual Hand Crank Adjustment

As described, simply turn the hand crank usually located on the front of the workbench clockwise or anticlockwise to raise or lower the height. Practical and straightforward mechanism that the user can adjust to a comfortable pace. Manual hand cranks feature on our Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches, Cost Saver Height Adjustable Workbenches, as well as our Hand Crank Height Adjustable Workbench.

Electric Motor Adjustment

Finally, the electric motor adjustable benches. These provide quick and easy re-positioning of the height which can be done in-between tasks without disrupting the work flow or reducing efficiency.  Displayed in our Binary Electric Height Adjustable Workbench, the bench can simply be adjusted by a two push button. An accessory available with this Binary Bench is a premium height adjustable module option that stores 3 heights in its memory!

Want to know more about Ergonomics and getting it right for your workplace, feel free to use our Live Chat!