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Modular Workshop Kits

Ready Made Workshop Bench System

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  1. Euroslide Modular 9 Piece Workshop Kit

    from £2,916.34

  2. 5 Piece Modular Workshop Kit - Blue with Grey Carcass

    from £2,023.43

  3. 8 Piece Modular Workshop Kit - Blue with Grey Carcass

    from £2,322.59

  4. 7 Piece Modular Workshop Kit - Blue with Grey Carcass

    from £2,435.13

  5. 9 Piece Modular Workshop Kit - Blue with Grey Carcass

    from £3,337.43

  6. 8 Piece Modular Workshop Kit - Blue with Grey Carcass

    from £3,315.04

  7. 10 Piece Modular Workshop Kit - Blue with Grey Carcass

    from £4,217.34

  8. Modular Solid Beech Work Surfaces for our range of Modular Kits

    from £2,916.34

  9. Modular Tall Cupboard available in 5 standard colours

    from £2,916.34

  10. Modular Single Wall Cupboard available in 5 standard colours

    from £2,916.34

  11. Modular Double Wall Cupboard available in 5 finishes

    from £2,916.34

  12. Euroslide 600 Cupboards - available in 5 finishes

    from £243.37

  13. Euroslide 600 Drawer Cabinets - available in 5 finishes

    from £500.66

  14. Euroslide 600 Drawer Cabinets - available in 5 finishes

    from £745.90

  15. Modular Louvre Panels available in 5 finishes and 6 widths

    from £184.80

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Modular Workbench Systems

This range of modular workshop kits is ideal for environments where multiple workbenches are required. Ideal as a garage workbench paired with storage, it is of industrial strength! or Why modular? Well, we understand that each work environment has unique workflows that requires a unique workspace design. Our modular components can be arranged and rearranged to suit any application, whether it is assembly or production. If you are unsure as to how many components or workbenches are required, our range of Modular Workshop Kits is a great place to start! You can always add to the kit as time goes by and your spacial and technical requirements change. We also offer a wide range of accessories to complement our kits!

Save up to 10% when you buy as a kit

Our most popular configuration includes the best combination of these modular elements. A black powder-coated finish with white carcass makes for a sleep workshop interior. A single Modular Tall Cupboard for larger equipment and files, fitted to a 2100mm Solid Beech Work Surface for ample working space. Two 600mm and a single 900mm Drawer Cabinets mirror two single-door and a double-door Wall Cupboards. To wrap it up, a Black (to match, of course) Louvre Panel sits right above the Work Surface to accept all and any small parts. Individually priced, these modular components come to £2797.00 but you can save up to 10% by buying the complete Workshop Kit.

Combine Modular Components for a custom solution

We currently have six other configurations available for purchase, ranging from 5-piece to 10-piece kits. As we manufacture these in house, any configuration can be customised and made in bespoke corporate colours to match your workshop interiors. Simply speak to our sales team for more information!

Beech Worktops
Beech Worktops

Beech Work Surfaces
A hard-wearing 40mm worktop that can be replaced or sanded down if damaged. Ideal for high impact work.

Tall Cupboards

Tall Cupboard
Secure storage for larger tools and equipment, this cupboard is comprised of two units for additional storage.

Wall Cupboard

Wall Cupboard
Available as single or double doors, our Modular Wall Cupboards come pre-drilled for easy nesting.

Euroslide Cabinets

Euroslide Cabinets
Our own range of Euroslide Cabinets with a unique mechanism and central locking for secure storage!

Louvre Panels

Louvre Panels
For additional wall storage of small parts, our louvre panels are available in several widths or colours.

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About the Euroslide Range

The Euroslide range is designed for engineers by engineers and we take great pride in the quality, customisation, durability, and longevity our products offer. Our online range of cabinets, cupboards, lockers, tool trolleys and workbenches is but a small fraction of what the Euroslide range can do. A workshop might require noticeboards, monitor arms USB plugs and Small Parts Storage we can provide solutions to match your kit. For bespoke requirements, small or large projects, contact us and we will make your ideas a reality!

Euroslide Range of Workbenches, Drawer Cabinets and Custom Solutions