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Leading UK Suppliers of all your best workshop equipment, we also provide a great range of Workshop Storage. Great for storing tools, components and other devices. Our collection features small parts storage solutions as well as items for larger equipment. This varies from small storage bins to full sized trolleys and cabinets. We're confident at Workbenches Direct2U that we have an offering for all your requirements. Hand picked from our handpicked workshop specialists.

As well as our workshop-specific range, we also provide a category specifically for tool storage here.

Why is Workshop Storage important?

In a productive and fast paced working environment, organisation is priority. An ideal workshop is full with necessary equipment to carry out the daily tasks at hand. The varied tasks often require different tools and equipment - that aren't always required at the same time. This is why workshop storage is essential. To organise and store tools that can be accessed when needed. Keeping a workshop tidy and in order is an important component towards an ergonomic working environment.

What Workshop Storage Items are available?

We've categorised our workshop storage offering in to four sections for you to best find the ideal workshop equipment for you. 

Small Parts Storage - As described, this category features storage bins, louvre panels & bin kits, Tool Clips & Panels and Multi-Drawer Storage. 

System Flow Trolleys - Great for the mobile use of tools and clips. This range features double sided trolleys, tilting shelf trolleys as well as I.T Trolleys. Including a build your own option!

Workshop Cupboards - Popular range of cupboards and cabinets that best optimise space for other storage items. Including Louvre Panel Cupboards and Workshop Security Cupboards.  

Modular Workshop Systems - Extensive range of modular workshop kits. Providing the best drawer and cupboard units to create an ideal workshop environment. 

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