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Cage Trolleys ideal for moving goods

Efficient movement of stock is essential in a range of demanding workplaces. These include supermarkets, warehouse and delivery depots. One of the most popular solutions for this is using Cage Trolleys for transporting your goods. We offer a wide range of these Roll Containers, available in a variety of different finishes and sizes to suit the needs of your workplace. We also offer great accessories to pair with your cage trolley. The roll cage sack is great to collect waste on the move. It also ensures durability and is waterproof. 


These are some of the most popular metal roll pallets that we offer. Both are designed to help save space whist the cages aren't in use by allowing them to collapse down into a small unit.

A demountable cage allows the user to simply remove the sides. This means that the side panels and bases to each of the units can be stacked and stored separately. This takes up a lot less space. Especially on delivery vans or in stock rooms while they are not being used. Nestable cages are designed to achieve the same space saving as the demountable alternative. However, they are much quicker to store. The side panels fold in and then the bases nested together. This saves as much space but takes less time to collapse down.


All of our cages are highly durable, this keeps up with the intense pace of the environments they are used in. This goes down to the four castors that each roll pallet is mounted on and the long-lasting finishes used on each unit. All cages are made from steel with galvanised, zinc and powder coated finished available. Each unit also has a large load capacity. This makes sure they can keep up with the demands of your workplace. These capacities are as high as 600kg, which is more than enough for daily tasks. 


We offer a range of Boxwell Mobile Storage cages that are ideal for factories and workshops. Our range offers cages with or without doors as well as having a variety of different materials to choose from. They are designed for heavy duty use as each shelf on this product has a shelf capacity of 100kg. 


We also offer heavy duty distribution trolleys that hold up to a load capacity of 500kg and come with a variety of different shelves that can be placed in the trolley. These trolleys are best used for more heavy duty environments that carry out more intense activities on a day to day basis. In addition, accessories such as magnetic pockets and roll sacks would go perfect with this product. These key accessories ensure that any important documents are protected as well as maximising the waste collection.