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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racking is an ideal way to store long or awkwardly shaped items. This includes things like long pieces of steel, copper and timber.

Cantilever style storage systems are ideal as the combination of uprights and racking arms allow for easy access to the items. Items at lower levels are accessible by hand and higher levels with lifting equipment like a fork lift truck.

Available in single sided or double sided configurations, providing cost-effective storage for large quantities of beams and pipes for example.

Each set of racking comes complete with adjustable arms to allow you to set up your storage exactly how you need it. We offer a variety of different arm depths to suit your warehouse size and available space. However, before you measure up for your new cantilever racking. It is important to remember that the shorter the racking arm, the larger the load capacity will be per arm. In contrast, as the cantilever arms get deeper, their maximum load capacity is reduced. This therefore means they can hold larger but lighter items.

Need more help?

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