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About Wheelie Bins Direct2U

Wheelie Bins Direct2U is part of the Direct2U Network, a leading supplier of workplace and industrial products in the UK. This specialist website is dedicated to wheeled bins, indoor bins, litter bins, recycling bins and commercial bins.

Wheelie Bins Direct2U has become one of the UK’s favourite wheelie bin distributor and a leading supplier of waste solutions to UK councils, businesses, and homes. We continue to regularly expand our range of bin products while reviewing our prices to ensure you find what you need in a few clicks. We are based in the West Midlands, where we operate from our 30,000 square foot warehouse. We pride ourselves in offering only high-quality products and services at the most competitive price. We understand the disappointment that comes with hidden delivery charges, so we offer all our products with Free Delivery to UK Mainland!

Our sales and customer services teams are a call away should you require a quote, purchase order, or a pre-approved credit account. We also offer a Free Site Survey and Installation services on larger projects. Live Chat with us for an enquiry today!

Wheeled bins for recycling, outdoor & indoor use

Explore Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins come in sizes small and large, on two or four wheels, and in a myriad of colours. We offer bins manufactured to the same standards as council-supplied wheelie bins, to ensure compatibility with their lifting equipment. Indoor and recycling wheelie bins are designed for private use and waste segregation. We are currently expanding our range of accessories. We have added storage units, security locks and number/letter stickers for securing your wheelie bin. Our handling equipment for janitorial and commercial applications are also ideal for your business!

Indoor bins for collecting waste in the workplace

Explore Indoor Bins

We offer a wide range of indoor bins including kitchen bins, wastebaskets for offices and specialised bins such as touch top and sensor bins. Browse our ranges for the perfect size in the right colour for your interior décor. Our stylish bins for waste separation combine a small footprint with the ability to segregate waste in a small space. We also offer a range of slim bins for the fitting the narrowest of openings. We highly recommend Stainless Steel bins for their hygienic properties and the touch of style they add to any setting!

Large litter bins for outdoor use in all weathers

Explore Litter Bins

Browse our outdoor grade litter bins designed to fight anything the British weather has to throw at them! We've separated them by bin material, including metal bins, plastic bins and wooden bins. These are perfect for open spaces, parks, communal areas and workplaces with outdoor seating areas. We understand that not everyone might have the space or resources to collect large amounts of waste, so our wall-mounted or post-mounted bins are the perfect solution!

Recycling bins for waste segregation & recycling

Explore Recycling Bins

Wheelie Bins Direct2U offers an extensive range of recycling solutions varying from indoor recycling, outdoor recycling and the infamous Rubbermaid Slim Jim recycling units. With new regulations being enforced all the time, businesses are now encouraged to recycle where possible in order to keep their impact on the environment to a minimum and also create a positive brand image. Indoor recycling bins are particularly useful in offices where a lot of paper is used and discarded and ink cartridges are replaced regularly. Another popular use in office environments is in canteens so staff can recycle their plastic food packaging and cans. Out door recycling is ideal where indoor space is limited or work is taking place outdoors. Cans, waste food, plastic and more can be recycled using our outdoor recycling range.

Commercial bins for heavy duty use

Explore Commercial Bins

The newest addition to our Wheelie Bins site is our Commercial Bins range for specialised applications. We feature heavy duty bins, sack holders, container trucks and tilt trucks. Our best-selling forklift attachments can also be located in that category. We're proud to support UK and European manufacturing wherever we can. Our tipping skips and bottom emptying skips are made to order with your requirements in mind! Live Chat with us for additional information on our bespoke solutions.