Wheelie Bins: How to Guides

How to choose your Wheelie Bin Size

Confused which wheelie bin to choose? We have a few handy interactive guides to compare wheelie bin sizes, colour options and features! Choose between two-wheeled, four-wheeled and indoor wheelie bins!

How to separate your Wheelie Bins

Sometimes, our wheelie bins are delivered stacked to save a bit of space. It can be a bit difficult to separate them, so here's a quick video to help you get around it!

How to assemble your Wheelie Bin

Need help assembling your wheelie bin? We have created some how-to guides for you to download. Please check if you have been delivered a wheelie bin with a logo or without, as their assembly is a bit different! Alternatively, if you have received a wheelie bin without a logo, we have made a quick video to show you how to assemble it.

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