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Why invest in an entrance mat?

Investing in a durable entrance mat can help keep your working environment clean. They can trap 70% of most dirt and debris to protect carpets and floors. It is also a crucial part in creating the first impression in any environment. A welcome mat is the first thing that you see when you walk inside a building, the first point of contact before and after entering a space and is a much welcome area on a rainy day! So most of us cycle through several entrance mats throughout the years, often aware how fast they tend to wear out. However, with the right Entrance Mat System, the right length of matting and with the right matting materials, they should be able to last much longer than that! Therefore our range of entrance mats can fit any budget and colour preference.

What makes a good entrance mat?

Knowing how a good entrance mat should perform allows you to make informed decisions when choosing the best matting for you. A good entrance mat should:

  • Absorb and retain water and dirt
  • Prevent slips and trips due to a anti-slip backing
  • Dry off quickly (with the help of adequate ventilation or heat curtains)
  • Handle trolley and chair traffic
  • Look great and fit your interior design
  • Have fire resistance to discourage the spread of fires
  • Be integrated in the environment's cleaning method and frequency


Select the best mat for your needs by looking at the following factors:

Entrance Matting Materials

Our range of entrance mats come in colours to fit any workplace décor and style. So for a personalised entrance logo mat, view our Business Logo Entrance Mats, with 40 colour options to choose from. Our products also come in different widths and lengths to fit your needs.

Nylon Entrance Matting

A synthetic fibre that most consider the best material for entrance mats, Nylon is the most resilient and hard-wearing.

Polypropylene Entrance Matting

These Thermoplastic Polymer fibres are the most effective at scraping dry dust due to their rough abrasive texture.

 Coir Entrance Matting

A more traditional approach to matting, coir is a natural material manufactured from the husks of coconut shells and is an excellent scraper.

Microfibre Entrance Matting

Microfibre mats are commonly made from Polypropylene and Nylon. They trap moisture and dirt efficiently. 

Rubber Entrance Matting

Rubber / Nitrile
Holed rubber & nitrile mats are the best choice for outdoor mats. They are great scrapers and help decrease the risk of slips.


3 Day Delivery

Need Quick Delivery?

Finally, if you need your entrance mat as fast as possible, most of our products are available on a 3 Day Delivery lead time. Look out for the green codes in our product tables for our fast delivery items. Most custom length or cut to length mats are on a 5 Day Delivery Lead. Just so you know, our matting is available in mats, rolls or you can specify a custom length!

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