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What is Electrostatic Discharge?

Static electricity, in other words, electricity that stays in one place, is necessary in many industries. In small amounts it isn't harmful, but when large amounts build up and discharge, sparks may appear. This can damage equipment or be hazardous near flammable materials. For example, if you have been building up static by walking on a rug, a sudden discharge from your hands could damage delicate electronic components.

How do anti-static mats work?

To prevent Electrostatic Discharges, you can make sure that electricity doesn't have a chance to build up. In the workplace, it's a good idea to carry an electrically conducting wrist strap. However to save yourself the trouble, you can invest in anti-static floor mats. They look just like any other type of matting, but they are mainly manufactured from Rubber or Foam. These contain electrically conducting carbon fibres throughout. ESD thus flows across the surface of the mat at a slower rate, which neutralises the charge.

How to use ESD mats?

Installing anti static mats around workbenches and assembly areas can be beneficial in many ways. The matting can be placed on the floor or on worktops to protect electronic components as well. After installing the mat, it stays firmly in place, preventing slips and trips. Any industry that deals with machinery that produces static electricity or with fragile electronics can benefit from our work mats, whether it is: Automotive, Manufacturing, Engineering, Distribution, Oil & Gas, Military

ESD Matting Materials

Rubber ESD Matting

Natural Rubber mats are flexible and durable. This makes them an ideal option for workplaces that require versatile flooring. Softer rubber mats are ideal for workers who remain standing in the same spot for longer periods of time, while hard rubber mats can provide support for workers who will walk around. Rubber flooring has natural anti-static properties, which makes it perfect around computers and electrical equipment.

Foam ESD Matting

Foam mats are the best choice for providing fatigue-relief for standing workers who need ESD protection. They are comprised of trapped pockets of air or gas, creating a softer support. This ensures that workers' feet are always well-supported and encourages blood circulation in the lower half of the body. Our range of anti-fatigue matting have closed-cell properties, which can also provide oil and water resistance as an added bonus.

Mat Texture & Performance

Pebble ESD Matting

Smooth finishes are most suitable for workers who stay indoors and are stationary for most of their working day. Also available in Pebble surfaces.

Ribbed ESD Matting

Ribbed and fluted anti static matting is ideal for operators who require additional grip and slip-resistance while operating machinery.

ESD Matting Resistance

Our range of products have been tested and conform to the highest standards. Please look at the product details for actual resistance.

3 Day Delivery

Need Quick Delivery?

Finally, if you need your anti-static mat as fast as possible, most of our products are available on a 3 Day Delivery lead. Look out for the green codes in our product tables for our fast delivery items. Most custom length or cut to length mats are on a 5 Day Delivery Lead. Just so you know, our matting is available in mats, rolls or you can specify a custom length!

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