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Our range of Floor Tapes & Paints have the ability to mark out workstations, hazardous area's and walkways. With a variety of colours and applications, they are extremely versatile and can be applied virtually anywhere within seconds. Included within our range are selection of paints, tapes and sprays that can be used to identify area's of importance. 

Floor tapes are often found in warehouses to organise workstations, within our range we offer a selection of colours, sizes and refills. The ability to easily use a tape applicator to lay down the tape is why they are commonly used within many industrial environments. Included within our tape offering, we also provide anti-slip tapes. For examples, our Gripfoot Tape comes in a range of colours and hazard styles, but offers more grip to ramp ways and machinery to ensure maximum safety. 

Other products include our floor paints and sprays. Used to quickly identify a area of concern, it dries quickly within a couple of minutes. They are often used to cover large area's as they can quickly and accurately identify key area's.