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Rubbermaid Direct2U offer a huge range of Rubbermaid products but most prestigious is the product range; the BRUTE range!

Rubbermaid have been producing BRUTE products and accessories since 1968 and they have been trusted worldwide. Thanks to their design and composition they have outlasted competing products; time after time, with every lift, drop and drag!

Venting channels make it up to 50% easier to remove liners from the bins. The four built in channels allow and create an extra airflow throughout the container. This eliminates the vacuum created, reducing the effort to pull liners out of the container. This not only improves productivity and reduces the risk of injury.

Added features make this the container of choice. Bag cinches secure the liners efficiently meaning liner changes are knot-free. Contoured base handles improve grip to reduce strain when emptying containers. Cleaning is a lot easier due to a seamless construction.

Rubbermaid Brute Venting Channels
The round Rubbermaid BRUTE is available in 5 sizes: 37.9L, 75.5L, 121.1L, 166.5L & 208.2L. This range of sizes ensures that Rubbermaid can meet your every need. They are also compliant to many guidelines and regulations, these include:

  • USDA Meat & Poultry (Grey & White)
  • HACCP Guidelines
  • NSF Standard #2 (Grey & White)
  • NSF Standard #21 (Grey & White)
  • EN Food Contact Compliant - LNE (Grey, White & Yellow)

BRUTE’s are also available in a square shape in two capacities; 106L and 152L. The square shape allows up to 14% more capacity then round BRUTE containers, depending on contents. These containers can also be used outside as they feature a UV stabiliser in their construction to maximise life outside. They are also compliant to many guidelines and regulations, these include:

  • USDA Meat & Poultry (Grey & White)
  • HACCP Guidelines
  • NSF Standard #2 (Grey & White)
  • NSF Standard #21 (Grey & White)
  • EN Food Contact Compliant - LNE (Grey, White & Yellow)

Dollies to fit BRUTE’s are available in three styles:

Single Dolly – Simply twist your BRUTE onto each dolly with a twist style lock, this enables stability even on rough and uneven floors. Features five rugged casters which swivel smoothly for easy manoeuvring. Superior strength due to structural foam construction, load capacity of 113kg. Finally; these dollies will help to keep public areas looking clean and always at their best with non-marking castors.

Tandem Dolly – Allows the transportation of two BRUTE’s at once, with a 226.5kg load capacity due to its construction grade material providing strength and durability. This dolly not only features swivel castors but also heavy duty wheels for increase and smoother manoeuvrability across rough surfaces and around corners.

Square Dolly
Specifically to fit the square BRUTE with all the added features the round dollies include. Four heavy duty wheels that can swivel providing ease of mobility and the construction resists rust, chips and denting.

Rubbermaid Brute Dollies

Lids to fit BRUTE’s are available in four different styles:

Self-Draining – prevents water from building up and pooling as it does on a straight top lid, a snap lock lid to provide a secure fit every time. Ridges moulded into the lid enables stacking of BRUTE’s proving easy and space-saving solution.

Dome Top – spring action door allowing easy and more hygienic waste disposal including keeping odours in and insects out. Snap lock ensures a tight and secure fit.

Funnel Top Lids – Hands-free waste disposal due to cut out top, waste is put in the bin without ever touching it. This funnel design also conceals waste from public view.

Square – A uniquely shaped lid that snaps on to the container tight protecting dry goods and other containers. Nesting handles on two sides of the lids allow a secure fit for side by side use.

Rubbermaid Brute Lids

Choosing a Rubbermaid BRUTE will not only reduce the time and effort needed to effectively use and manage waste streams. Overexertion and poor ergonomics are the leading causes of workplace injuries; these risks can be greatly reduced whilst lifting, transporting and emptying waste. 

Direct2U is committed to supplying products with high quality at competitive prices, and not to mention delivered quickly. The range extends from BRUTE’s to cover all your cleaning, waste management, safety and food service requirements. We offer a Rubbermaid solution for all your needs. With the ability to offer a project service with the ability to design and manufacture to wholly suit your needs. If you have any questions about the products, a large order or a project; please contact our sales team who are always ready to help.