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CoSHH & Hazardous Storage

Explore and choose from our range of Hazardous Storage Cabinets, CoSHH Cabinets, Flammable Storage Cabinets, Acid & Alkali Storage, Outdoor Chemical Containers, Mesh Storage Cages and much more.

What is CoSHH and what does CoSHH stand for?

CoSHH stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulation (2002). CoSHH law requires employers to control the use and storage of harmful substances in the workplace. This law consequently reduces the potential harm to workers, the public and the surrounding environment. Examples of Hazardous substances include chemicals, gases and asphyxiating gases, as well as biological agents and pesticides.

In environments where hazardous substances are used. A safe, secure and appropriate CoSHH storage system must be present. This is in essence, a secure chemical storage area, which you can regularly monitor and maintain. They therefore ensure that after use, any harmful substances can be safely stored and properly segregated. Which helps to avoid any additional risks such as accidental mixing, contamination and exposure. Our range of hazardous cupboards and CoSHH cupboards are perfect for the safe storage of substances hazardous to health.

What are the best Hazardous Storage and CoSHH cabinets?

We aim to supply the best quality and most competitively priced storage for flammables, hazardous substances, chemicals and pesticides. Manufactured in the UK within a specialist factory local to our head office. The engineers are proud to say these cabinets are extremely secure and easily one of the best quality available within the market. A perfect choice to enable the effective separation of hazardous substances, and where applicable - ensure certain substances can be stored in different cupboards. This will effectively prevent cross contamination.

Hazardous Storage Cabinets Hazardous Storage Cabinets

Our most popular range of yellow Hazardous Storage Cabinets that comply with CoSHH regulations. With two-point locking, at least one adjustable galvanised shelf included, and fire tested, these steel cabinets come in 7 standard sizes. They are supplied with the newest CLP hazard stickers to identify the highly flammable substances being stored.

CoSHH Cabinets CoSHH Cabinets

Standard grey CoSHH Cabinets have identical specifications to our yellow Hazardous Storage Cabinets, however they are powder-coated grey. Available in the same 7 standard sizes. They are a more discreet CoSHH storage solution that provides the same practicality as our yellow hazardous cupboards. They are supplied with CLP hazard stickers that identify harmful and irritant substances.

Not sure what you need? Hazardous Storage Blog

Read our blog on the most common harmful substances found in the workplace. This article includes helpful tips on storing different types of hazardous substances. As well as choosing the best CoSHH cabinet for your needs. This also includes a quick size guide for each of our popular ranges. Safety Direct2U is your specialist one stop shop for all CoSHH essentials. If you need further assistance, simply get in touch on Live Chat.