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CoSHH Cabinets for storing hazardous substances

CoSHH Cabinets are our range of grey powder-coated steel cupboards designed for the workplace. If your workplace handles chemicals daily, these cabinets are an essential to store hazardous liquids and substances. CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) helps regulate chemical-related practices and ensures that the workplace is a safe place for all.

Our range was carefully hand-picked to offer quality storage solutions at affordable prices. Our grey CoSHH cabinets, chests, and security cupboards are all manufactured from heavy-duty steel. They all offer some type of fire-resistance, which means that they are fire-retardant and non-combustible. They are powder-coated grey with anti-bacterial paint, and are supplied with the updated CLP pictograms for identifying chemicals hazardous to health.

CoSHH cabinets are our most popular range of cabinets, available in 7 standard sizes (4 widths & 4 heights). All cabinets come with at least 1 shelf although extra shelves are available for purchase, for segregating your chemicals. These storage cupboards are intended for floor storage, but stands can be bought to raise them by 500mm. A wall cupboard comes pre-drilled, ready for mounting, and mobile cupboards are also available for purchase.

CoSHH Floor chests are preferred in awkward spots that don’t allow for front-storage. These chests come with an angled lid and relevant hazard stickers.

For extra security, we recommend our CoSHH Security Cupboards designed with a superior door lock, heavy-duty hinges and locking mechanism to prevent forced entry. Extra shelves are also available for purchase!

How to implement CoSHH legislation in the workplace?

There are many ways in which employers can prevent or reduce exposure to hazardous substances including:

  • Finding out what the hazards are and then forming a prevention plan
  • Provide control measures to prevent harm
  • Keep control measures in order
  • Provide the relevant training and information for employees
  • Provide monitoring and health surveillance in appropriate cases
  • Plan and prepare for emergencies

Most businesses use substances even if it’s just products that contain a small amount of such substances. Some processes in the workplace create hazardous substances which could potentially be harmful to employees, contractors, and others.


Hazardous substances can come in a variety of forms including chemicals (even products containing chemicals), fumes, dusts, vapours, mists, nanotechnology, gases, biological agents, and germs etc. A few things that CoSHH does not include are lead, radioactive substances and asbestos due to these having their own specific rules and regulations.


Before a CoSHH assessment you must think about what in your workplace involves hazardous substances, how can these cause harm and is it possible to reduce the risk of harm, if so – how? The HSE recommend that you attempt to prevent exposure at source for example is it possible to avoid using hazardous substances or is there a safer process that can be used such as used water based products instead of solvent products or applying substances by brush rather than spraying. Storing hazardous substances in the correct way i.e. in coshh cabinets helps identify to employees when they should be taking the appropriate safety precautions. Using our range of coshh storage ensures full safety for all those in potential contact with coshh substances.

Other ways to prevent exposure at source is to substitute a hazardous substance for something safer such as choosing to use a milder cleaning product over an irritant one or using a vacuum cleaner instead of a brush. Safer forms are also an alternative option for example using a solid rather than a liquid that can splash and spill or using a waxy substance instead of a dry powder.

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