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First Aid Cabinets

At Safety Direct2U we specialise in a wide selection of secure storage systems for medical and first aid supplies. Made in the UK, these include industrial, wall mounted and lockable cabinets for hospitals, GP surgeries and workplaces. The majority of our range are arrive as an empty first aid storage unit. This therefore allows you to stock them with the most appropriate and tailored supplies for your environment.

Catering to many needs, we also offer high security medical first aid cupboards. These are specifically design for the secure storage of prescription drugs and medicines.

Why should I buy a First Aid Cabinet?

Having a well equipped first aid supply cabinet is essential within every workplace. Not only will it reduce risks, it will also help you to meet the requirements of health and safety legislation. Our first aid cupboards provide a safe, visible and easily accessible storage location for emergency medical supplies. This can consequently save time in an emergency situation by assisting first aiders in promptly accessing equipment, which in turn can reduce the impacts of injury on the patient.

Why do some first aid cabinets have locks?

A secure first aid cabinet can help deter unnecessary use of equipment as well as to ensure that the organisation of your supplies remains in order.  This will furthermore add ease to re-stocking and rotation.

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