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Safety Hat EN Standards

Here is a brief over view of the most common EN standards in regards to safety head wear. Please read carefully to ensure you understand the specifications and which ones apply to you.

EN397 – The Standard Industrial Safety Helmet

This standard has been around for more than 50 years. The testing for this standard focuses on the top of the helmet and there is no side impact test. A 49J impact only to the crown of the helmet can measure the shock absorption. The test also includes a penetration test with a 3kg conical striker from 1m. There is however, a lateral rigidity test which is a slow, progressive force loading.

EN14052 – The Standard for High Performance Industrial Safety Helmets

Unlike above, this specification does include the requirement for side impact protection. The testing requires the shell being subjected to a total of 150 joules of impact energy – including 100J to the top of the helmet and 50J to the side. This standard also features penetration testing with a ‘blade’ striker being dropped from 2.5m to reach an impact of 25J to the top and on the side of the helmet with an impact energy of 20J from 2m.

EN12492 – The Standard for Mountaineers

Helmets complying with the mountaineering standard is subject to impact testing with two 50kg strikers. A hemispherical striker is dropped from 2m on to the crown of the helmet. The front, rear or side of the helmet is tested with a flat striker from 500mm by tilting the headform to 30 degrees. The transmitted force through the neck of the head wear must not exceed 10kN. Two 3kg penetration tests with a pointed striker are also performed within a 50mm radius of the helmets crown without making contact. Meets the shock absorption and impact test of EN397.

EN50365 – The Standard for Electrical Insulation

This is an extra specification for helmets that are used for working live installations up to 1000V. The testing for the standard is carried out at voltages of 10,000V. Helmets that are vented are able to meet the EN50365 specification but not the electrical insulation requirements of EN397 and EN14052.

EN812 – The Standard for Industrial Bump Caps

This is a specification that requires the cap being hit four times by a flat steel 5kg striker that falls with 12 Joules of energy. The intention of a bump cap is to provide protection against bumps and scrapes to the head. A bump cap should not be used where an industrial safety helmet is required and should not be used where falling or thrown objects are likely.

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