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SmoothLock Pull Tight Security Seals

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Pull tight & variable length seals

Plastic variable length security seals are a flexible and versatile solution for many applications. They can easily be broken but provide proof of tampering. They can be used alongside higher security solutions. Also called ‘pull tight seals’, these adjustable seals can be used to secure truck or trailer doors, coin bags, luggage, tote boxes, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, crime evidence bags or any hasp or loop, indoor or outdoor.

Before purchasing, make sure you know the size of hasp or how big a bag you will be securing. Accordingly, you can choose longer-tailed seals. These plastic seals come with ID tags and can contain serial numbers, logos, or barcodes. Contact us for custom colours and ID tags. Easily installed, simply loop the tail around any hasp and secure through hole. Pull tight, but not overly if doors are flexible or loose, which can induce unintentional breakage. Optionally, to ensure they cannot be reused if tampered with, cut off remaining tail. These seals can be manually removed through tear off tabs, or easily broken. Other heavier duty seals can require scissors. After usage, they can be recycled.